As science is getting more and more advanced day by day. A number of inventions are being introduced for the comfort and ease of mankind.

Let’s imagine the 20th Century, without the presence and use of technology-based products. You going to find yourself in the past decades or ancient era.

Whereas, the ease and comfort of these technologies are playing their significant roles in providing and placing human securities and having the highlighted roles in line of defense.

If noticing or moving towards the modern era, these technologies are replacing humans by robots. Now, what are these?

What are Robots?

A robot is a machine, that is designed in such a manner that it is programmed by computer software. It has a large variety of autonomous and non-autonomous functions and actions.

Following are the few kinds:

  • Medical Robots
  • Swarm Robots
  • Nano Robots

What are War Robots Weapons?

The autonomous weapons are categorized by three major elements”

  • Self-controlled driving cars.
  • Armed drones.
  • Chess software


Self-controlled driving cars are those that are kept in control by seeing the roads through a camera installed. There will be no free access. The owner will guide or instruct the locations and locomotions.


These drones are human hand controlled with a variety of levels of autonomous actions. They aim with missiles to attack the enemy. They are controlled with live video remote access communications to weapons.


A person will choose where to capture the enemy and where to move.


War Weapon Robots (mass destructions) are autonomous weapons that are very conventional, that they required no support personnel. No person to give all time access. They are the sign of Mass destructions. They are having such kind of specialized software that can protect the whole state with no loss. They can fight against a huge bulk of people. They have mesmerizing testable properties of high-class weapons that have a remarkable power of balance from legitimate states.

Many robots are categorized into the following two categories:

  • Teleoperated
  • Autonomous


They are self-navigated robots and they aren’t kept under hold for a longer duration. One of the most common examples nowadays is iRobot Roomba that can be accessed within an area without human access. They need no signal or operator to decide where to move or where to stand.


Many law enforcement robots are teleoperated. They do not have the complete access on their own. They need remotely controlled by a user for some time. A person is a need that give directions and instructions for the tasks to be completed.


Following are the three classes of weapons:

  • Class I weapons (light-class weapons)
  • Class II weapons (medium-class weapons)
  • Class III weapons (heavy-class weapons)


  • ECU
  • Molot
  • Pin
  • Spiral
  • Noricum
  • Pinata
  • Punisha
  • Magnum
  • Aphid
  • Gekko
  • Spark
  • Arbalest

Light class weapons or class I weapons are those that can be used by several people at a time. Easily to carry and have multiple usages.


  • ECU
  • Molot T
  • Punisher T
  • Tulumbas
  • Hydra
  • Orkan
  • Ion
  • Storage

Class II have High efficiency and long distance targets with short and long term firing and lasers to missiles. Covers huge wide range to the target.


  • Nashorn
  • Thunder
  • Kang Dee
  • Zenit
  • Zeus
  • Trident
  • Trebuchet

Class III Weapons are easy to access and target wide range in lesser time. Covers long-distance areas.


War robot Weapons have a wide range of six classes that include missiles, guns, lasers, rockets, etc. These war weapons vary in different features and specialties. Each has its own importance in the line of defense. Each class is categorized in order to enhance its characteristics. As inventions are made to provide ease, comfort, and protection, these weapons are creating mass destruction as well as providing safety against enemy. Lasers target huge distances with and without access by human control. The one can control remotely and can easily instruct about the locomotion and where to stand and still or attack.

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